Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bottoms Up

Picture this...

Yesterday morning at about 10:30 I had just gotten back from running a quick errand for work. I get out of the car, leave the car running, lock the car, and close the door. The second the car door slams shut, I realize that I have just locked my keys inside my running car with all the things that we need for work inside, and on top of it all the auditors are supposed to arrive for their entrance meeting at EIE in a matter of minutes. Great. Just freaking great. Side-note: This is the second time I've locked my keys in my running car this week. The other time was on Monday and it was in much more laid back circumstances. Anyway...from my previous experience with locking my keys inside my running vehicle I have learned that my car has a safety feature, that makes my trunk stay unlocked if the car is running. At least I think it's a safety feature. It might just be some weird glitch that the Jeep has taken on in its old age, but that's irrelevant. So, in order to get my keys, turn the car off, and retrieve the work stuff I am left with no other option but to crawl through the trunk, over the backseat, into the front seat to take the keys out of the ignition and go on with my day like none of this ever happened. No biggie, right? WRONG! Wouldn't you know that no more than 10 seconds after I have started crawling head-first through my car a man walks up, sticks his head, in my trunk, and asks if I'm OK, and if I need any help. With my top half in the backseat, my bottom in the air, and my feet in the trunk I turn around and explain what has just happened. Needless to say he laughs and gives me the "What an idiot" look. Again, great, just freaking great. My dignity and pride had just been crushed by a complete and total stranger. Well come to find out, this complete and total stranger happens to be our auditor and will be spending the rest of the day,week, and maybe even month downstairs in the conference room of our office. Gotta love a good first impression!

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